Cody Townsend Skis Mt. Washington

Cody Townsend is one of those extreme skiers who has become a legend. As his bio states, “From his first ski run at Squaw Valley at the age of 2, Cody Townsend knew he had found his passion. He spent his early years chasing legends like Shane McConkey and Kent Kreitler around his home mountain before being recognized in his own right as an up-and-coming big mountain skier. Since turning pro a decade ago, Cody has constantly pushed the limits of fun and adventure. From skiing what some have called “the most insane ski line ever” to adventuring in the Arctic and hanging in the backcountry with his buds, Cody embodies what skiing was meant to be: a journey of exploration and relentless passion in the company of friends.

So when Cody Townsend put together a list of 50  classic runs he wanted to ski across North America, Mt. Washington’s Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines made the cut. Here’s the film he made as part of his “Fifty” project.

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Lisa Lynn

Editor of VT SKI + RIDE and Vermont Sports.