Jay Peak MLS Listing Discovered


Zander Basedepth stumbled upon this “confidential listing” that bears some resemblance to a certain Vermont ski resort recently put on the market. It’s been pasted below for interested parties.

New Listing!

Price: TBD by market

Location: Basically Canada

Asset profile: Recently refurbished Vermont Ski and Summer Resort with a Quebecois flair and devoted passholder base. Take your corporate culture and shove it down the throats of the locals who will welcome you with open arms.

*Listing highlights*

  • Like to swim? You’ll be the proud new owner of the only indoor waterpark in the state of Vermont. Larger than a football field, buyer will need to heat this space to 86F, 24 hours per day or it could flood your flagship hotel in January.  
  • The 18-hole golf course is free of mosquitoes by September every year.  
  • The 2,153 foot vertical drop is served by 9 lifts and the 3,968 foot summit enjoys light winds and the most natural snowfall in eastern North America.  
  • Worried about shoulder season revenues? The resort boasts new playing fields and a four season ice rink that attracts packs of teenagers that are renowned for their behavior.  
  • The right buyer will have experience with Pacific Northwest snow removal budgets along with an appetite for providing industry leading staff incentives due to a lack of population base.  
  • Price to be determined by who wants it the most. Perhaps your strategic growth plan fits the recently built bed base. Maybe your stock price just goes up every time you acquire so who cares about the EBITDA.  
  • Prospective buyers who would like to visit for due diligence analysis are advised to prepare for Grateful Dead sounds, skunky scents and unshaven middle management.

To be considered for the coming auction please contact ScrewTheQ@Goldberg.com


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Zander Basedepth

Zander Basedepth is a salty vet living a double life. One day he’s a business tycoon jetting around the country, the next he’s shralping pow reliving the glory days. In between he finds time to bring you the Wintry Mix Podcast and “Not The News” here on VTskiandride.com.

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