Killington GIves Away Free Milk, Cheese

KILLINGTON, Vt. (April 17, 2020) – Vermont’s Killington Resort, the largest ski and snowboard resort in Eastern North America and a POWDR company, today announced a Community Grocery Giveaway happening on Tuesday, April 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The giveaway is part of Killington Resort’s Play Forever commitment to protect the environment, inspire participation, and pledge to support the local community.

“When we realized farmers were having to dump their fresh milk because demand was low with schools and restaurants closed, we saw an opportunity to support them and the greater community,” says Mike Solimano, president and general manager of Killington Resort. “We feel fortunate to be able to assist and help our farmers and local community during these hard-hitting times.”

Killington community members, employees of local Killington businesses, and employees of Killington resort are invited to receive free groceries at Snowshed Base Lodge Tuesday, April 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. There will be 700 prepackaged grocery bags of food and provisions such as meats, vegetables, Thomas Dairy milk, Vermont Farmstead cheese, eggs, produce, and breads. First come, first served.

“Killington has been such a huge part of our community throughout the many generations that Thomas Dairy has been the local dairy. The World Cup boost, and tourism in general, continues to fuel so many local businesses immensely,” says Abbey Thomas, fifth generation co-owner of Thomas Dairy. “Partnering with Killington on the Grocery Giveaway is a win-win, as we are supporting local farming families with a surplus of milk. At the same time, Thomas Dairy is proudly helping to get the freshest milk available into the homes of Killington residents.”

“When Vermont Farmstead Cheese heard about the Killington Grocery Giveaway, we were on board right away,” says Kent Underwood, president and COW (chief operating worker) of Vermont Farmstead. “I can’t imagine a more important time than now for our communities to come together and focus our energy on something positive to help those who need it.”

Following recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all those picking up groceries should remain in their car. Care packages will be put into the trunks of cars. This is the second free grocery giveaway provided by Killington Resort; the first one was for resort employees held over two days in mid-March.

Lisa Lynn

Editor of VT SKI + RIDE and Vermont Sports.