Latest Nor’Easter About To Slam Southern Vermont

For the updated 24-hour post-storm totals see Nor’Beaster or Nor’Incher?

Southern Vermont, get ready to swim in some powder.

The second big snowstorm in a week is about to hit the entire state of Vermont, and southern Vermont will be hit particularly hard. If you haven’t called in sick already…ahem…

(If you need help coming up with excuses to get out of work, Killington’s got you covered.)

A detailed forecast from the National Weather Service’s Bennington station is calling for 3 to 7 inches Wednesday afternoon, 4 to 8 inches Wednesday evening, and 1 to 3 more of the good stuff
Thursday night. That’s a total of 8 to 18 inches.
Up in the northern region, NWS for Morrisville-Stowe predicts between 8and 14 inches—almost as good—but Scott Braaten, Stowe resident and weather guru, isn’t sure the north will see as much of the white and fluffy. The most recent models of the storm show a track has moved about 50 miles east, which leaves most of the heavy stuff to fall on Southern Vermont.

“Lucy may be stretching and getting ready to pull the football away from Charlie Brown,” he wrote in a  Facebook post, “but it is a very real possibility we miss the meat of it tonight and tomorrow morning.”

Then, as a consolation: “It’s still going to snow. Just going to take time to get to 6-12. It won’t be like some major overnight dump, though. Just a nice steady light accumulation over 48 hours.”

The 10-day forecast for Killington, via

Check back here for snow total updates and updated forecast maps.