The New Issue Is Here!


First Tracks | The 8 Rites Of Spring, p. 4

You’re not a true Vermont skier until you’ve done all of these.

Local Heroes | Meet That Guy, p. 9

He plays the skier we love to hate. But Spencer Crispe is one cool dude.

Chairlift Q/A | The Extreme Brothers, p. 13

John and Dan Egan have been called the best skiers in the world. Here’s why.

Après | New Adventures For Kids, p. 17

With cooking classes, climbing walls, ice rinks and more, Vermont resorts keep kids busy long after the lifts close.

Retro VT | Harris Hill: Flying High At 95, p. 25

One of the oldest ski jumps in America hosts one of the biggest events.


Editor’s Letter | Sweet Spring, p.3

Savor this season of big snowpack, sunshine and silliness. It’s short and sweet.

Competition | Fantasy Ski Racer, p. 46

Warren’s Nolan Kasper didn’t want to be just a World Cup ski racer, he wanted to be a fantasy ski racer, too. Mission accomplished.

Gear | DIY Skis, p. 55

If you want a really custom ride, make your own boards. These guys can help.

Soul Food | Fire and Ice, p. 72

Wood stoves do more than warm the body. By David Goodman.


The Wild Side p. 28

There’s plenty of new sidecountry and backcountry to explore. Vermont’s best skiers and riders share pro tips on how to ski the woods and where to get the goods.

The 7th Life Of Jake Burton Carpenter p. 34

Eighteen months ago the man who launched snowboarding lay paralyzed,
thinking he was going to die. He’s back now and has another reason to celebrate: Burton turns 40.

The Ultimate Ski House p. 40

When a family with four young skiers set out to build their dream home,
they didn’t know it would lead to building their own ski hill, a cabin, trails and a lift as well.