VT Ski + Ride Gear Swap

VT Ski + Ride wants to make it easier for you to find quality used gear or send your old stuff to people who can put it to good use.

We’ve all got used gear: the shell that only saw a few seasons, the board quickly outgrown or evidence of that brief affair with skiblading (we understand, it was 1996). Luckily, we created this gear swap. Simply fill out the form with all the pertinent information and attach some pictures. Each week, we’ll give you a preview of the hottest gear and deals in our e-newsletter with a link to all the listings. We aren’t making any commission on the items sold and it’s up to the buyers/sellers to agree on a price and the shipping details.

It’s a win-win for everyone. For the buyers, it means gear at a price that’s below bargain basement. Meanwhile, the sellers walk away with cash in their pockets.

We’ll take anything —clothes, helmets, roof racks…except for maybe those skiblades, for that you’re on your own.