Looking For Something Else To Do In Ski Country?

Let’s face it: no one likes skiing on slopes that feel more like hardwood floors. But that doesn’t mean you should stay in. Here’s what to do when the snow’s no good. 

1) Climb the ice.

This weekend, Petra Cliffs will throw its annual Smuggs Ice Bash at Smugglers’ Notch. Get in on the free gear demos, all-level clinics, multimedia slideshows from athletes, a dry tooling competition and—most importantly—the massive kick-off party!

2) Bike the ice.

This December, Killington Resort became the first mountain in Vermont to offer ski biking (pictured above),

in a partnership with a local bike shop, Alpine Bike Works. “A ski bike is a bike frame with skis on the bottom in place of bike wheels, boots with mini-skis on your feet, and an amazing way to experience the exhilaration of sliding down the mountain with the flow of snowboarding and control of mountain biking,” says Anthony Accurso, of Alpine Bike Works. “We’ve put together packages specifically for first timers to include everything they will need from rentals, a ski bike access ticket, and instruction.” Rentals start at $39 for a half-day.

3) Dog-sled the ice.

Head out for a wild ride with one of the state’s many dog sledding teams. In Waitsfield, you can take a ride on a sled pulled by October Siberian’s 10 registered Siberian Huskies along the Waterbury reservoir. Your host and driver, Rob Farley, will tell you stories about the rich history of the park (a historic settlement founded in the 1800s), the dogs and the sport while you and a few friends ride on the sled with a blanket. Or, opt to help Farley with the driving—the sled can be controlled by two drivers. Farley started the tours to share his love for the huskies, which he calls friendly, hard-working clowns. (For more about what to do in the Mad River Valley, see our story here.)