Pop Quiz: 17 Facts about the World Cup

You know Mikaela Shiffrin is racing at Killington’s Audi FIS World Cup on Nov. 26-27. You’ve read through Insider’s Guide and the official the World Cup Program but how much of this World Cup trivia do you know?  Test yourself (or click here for the answers):


1.Potential speed in miles per hour of racers on the giant slalom course:

a) 35 mph b) 55 mph  c) 75 mph

2. Percent pitch on the lower slope of Superstar:

a) 24 percent b) 32  percent  c) 38 percent

3. Vertical feet racers will descend:

a) 1,119 feet b) 1,856 ft. c) 2312 ft.

4. Approximate number of gates in a slalom course.

a) 10-20    b) 20-40 c) 40-60 

5. Estimated number of people who will be in Killington for World Cup weekend.

a) 10,000 b) 15,000 c) 20,000

6. Amount in dollars, on average that is spent in town for every one dollar spent on a lift ticket.

a) $2-$3    b) $4-6   c) $7-$9

7. The last year the World Cup was held in Vermont (at Stratton.)

a) 1958 b) 1978 c) 1998

8. Number of locations worldwide that will host  the 2017 World Cup.

a) 11   b) 21 c) 31

9. Price of VIP grandstand seat at Killington.

a) $35  b) $350 c) $3500

10. Number of hours it took for VIP seats to sell out.

a) 5  b) 10  c) 20

11. Cost to watch the races from the parking lot.

a) 0  b) $10 c) $100

12. Approximate number of rooms at the slopeside Killington Grand Hotel reserved for race teams.

a) 50 b) 100 c) 200

13. Number of rooms available to the public.

a) 100 b) 10 c) 0

14. Number of feet of base depth expected by Nov. 26, 2016.

a) 1-3 b) 4-6 c) 6-10

15. Minimum number of hours of snowmaking to reach that depth.

a) 80 b) 60 c) 48

16. Ideal temperature for snowmaking.

a) 10-15 degrees F. b) 27-28 degrees F.  c) 30-32 degrees F.


17. Amount in Swiss Francs Lindsey Vonn earned in prize money on the World Cup in 2016.

a) 43,699  b) 430,699  c) 1,430,699

Answers? Here they are.


Lisa Lynn

Editor of VT SKI + RIDE and Vermont Sports.