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Vermont's ski towns do more in liquor and beverage sales than any other towns in the state and beer touring has become huge. That's just one of the reasons why your business should be part of our DRINK VT guide and online directory in VT SKI + RIDE Magazine. VT SKI + RIDE, at 25,000 print distribution and with more than 160,000 unique visits a year on our website, is the largest print and online magazine in Vermont.

In each issue of our quarterly issues of Vermont Ski + Ride, New England's largest outdoors magazine, we devote pages to our Drink VT Directory. We want to tell our 100,000 readers per issue about your beverages, where to find them and when your tasting room might be open. We also do a regular 4-page column called "Apres" devoted to Vermont-made beverages, and great local bars and restaurants, and stories such as these on Vermont's craft cocktail and distilled spirits movement, brewery tours, wineries and vineyards and cider houses.

We're repeating our offer  of a distinct 1/9 page listing in the magazine and online all year, for four issues, for just $600 for the entire Holidays 2019-Fall 2020 season in all four issues, or $150  per issue. This is less than half the price of our regular display ads.

Just fill in this form and you will be in the next issue (we will bill you on publication.) And if you decide to upgrade to a 1/4 page ad or more, the savings are even greater. Email for a copy of our media kit.


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  • I would like my brand (beverage, tasting room, etc) to appear in the glossy pages of Vermont Ski + RIde's DRINKVT directory. This is a quarterly magazine and the DRINKVT directory space is a 1/9 fixed format ad offered at a discounted rate of $600 for a full year (to be billed at $150 per issue). I will notify with any changes to the ad. Ad will renew each quarter unless otherwise stated.
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Lisa Lynn

Editor of VT SKI + RIDE and Vermont Sports.