Vermont Beer: Queen City Brewery’s Yorkshire Porter

Read about the English style ale from Queen City Brewery in Burlington that is becoming a favorite among Vermonters everywhere. 

qcb yorkshire porter
Queen City’s Yorkshire Porter, Photo courtesy Queen City Brewery

By Hilary DelRoss

By far the most popular variety flowing from Queen City Brewery, Yorkshire Porter is in high demand across Vermont. The Yorkshire is an English style dark ale – Queen City takes pride in sticking to traditional brewing styles and their hard work shines in this one.

The Yorkshire is characteristically dark in color with aromas of toasted malt and just a hint of hops amongst coffee and chocolate overtones. The smooth balance follows through on the palate, too, making this an easy drinking porter. Its popularity is no surprise and with 5% ABV, it’s easy to enjoy a pint or two at a time.

Find Yorkshire Porter on tap at establishments in Vermont or visit their tasting room. Queen City Brewery is located in Burlington’s South End at 703B Pine Street, where you can stop by to fill a growler or stick around to taste all eight varieties on tap. Be sure to visit the brewery on Fridays and Saturdays during April to enjoy full pints – guest chefs have even been sighted there serving their fares. Follow QCB on Facebook for updates so you can time your visit right.