Splitboarding on K2’s Panoramic

k2 panoramic kit

K2 responds to the growing all-terrain trend in snow sports with the Panoramic, the ultimate splitboard outfitted with versatile features.  

By Hilary DelRoss

Backcountry, sidecountry and uphill travel are a growing segment in snow sports – and not just in the ski sector – as more snowboard manufacturers also offer splitboards in their seasonal line up. The Panoramic is K2 Snowboarding’s go-to splitboard and has now been available for four seasons.

The Panoramic features an all-terrain rocker; a flat base with rocker at the nose and tail. This shape claims to offer enough lift for floating on powder while maintaining maximum contact in ski mode. Bamboo strips in the core add strength to the base and a flexible tip and tail help initiate turns, which is welcome assistance against the rigidity of the included Voile plates.

This board is available to purchase alone or as a kit with Voile hardware and K2 skins, making it a good choice for beginners entering the sport since almost all the components are included. The directional shape of the board, its’ light weight, and set-back stance aid in turning and control of the board during both up- and downhill travel, again making this a good choice for those transitioning from downhill snowboarding. The rocker is fairly minimal and the board has a low profile, which can make downhill turns feel responsive but can stunt uphill travel if ski tips get hung up in heavy snow. The top sheet has a matte finish which tends to hold onto snow more than the smooth and glossy materials that are typically used.

As part of the kit set up, K2 skins come pre-cut to match the shape of the sidecut and length of the skis. Low profile “ZClip” attachment points clip quickly and easily into eyelets on the nose and tail of each board minimizing the opportunity for attachments to slide off or the skin to shift. No problems with collecting snow or skins peeling off when climbing.

k2 skinsK2 also offers an upgraded baseplate/binding as part of their integrated “Kwicker” system. K2’s pin-less plate, binding and boot system is designed to cut weight and speed up the transition between walk and ride modes. The Clicker lives on.

Have fun exploring new or favorite terrain on this board and be sure to go forth safely.

Available in sizes from 154 to 168 cm. $599.95 for board only or $899.95 with Voile kit and K2 skins