Read the Winter Issue!


First Tracks  |  The New Backcountry,  p. 12

The best new sanctioned backcountry ski zones, your Southern Vermont spring bucket list, plus where to get avy-savvy in the Greens.  

Local Heroes |  The Telemark Queen,  p. 21

Meet the freeheeling superstar who races with the U.S. Telemark Team.

Ski Life |  Cool Schools,  p. 25

At these Vermont colleges and universities, you can get the skills you need to make skiing and riding your career—without being a ski bum.


The Backcountry Cabin | p. 36

In a remote mountain forest of central Vermont, a former New Yorker built the perfect ski-to cabin. 

High Mountain Haute Cuisine | p. 40

At resorts across the state, new chefs are revolutionizing on-mountain dining.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling? | p. 48

Women are ruling in all aspects of snowsports—from competitions to corner offices. So what’s the problem?


The Start  | We’ve Come a long way, baby, p. 9

Coach | Lessons from an Olympian, p. 63

Coach Barbara Ann Cochran on the secret to winning.

Retro | High Times at Ski Club Ten,  p. 67

The story behind Sugarbush’s notorious private ski club.

The Green Mountain Calendar, p. 71

Lift Lines |  5 Women Who Changed Skiing,  p. 82

A tribute to these pioneering Vermonters.