Q&A With The ‘Foreign Boys Undercover’

This season, the Sugarbush park met a new crew: a five-skier pack of both college kids (plus a local). Members of the self-titled “Foreign Boys Undercover” have been hitting the rails and chumming with park regulars all season long. The end result: their videos are getting major kudos on Newschoolers, and, as they told us, the pack is ready to take the eastern skiing scene by storm. Here’s our Q&A (and their love letter to Sugarbush). 

Will Cotton, left, Jackson Doremus, right. (We’re not sure what’s happening in the background.) Courtesy photo.
The members:

Will Cotton (Videographer) |Age: 19 | Hometown, Cleveland, OH

Sean Flynn Age: 18 | Hometown: Rockport, MA

Sam Comai Age: 17 | Hometown: Charlotte, VT

Jackson M. Doremus Age: 19 | Hometown: Henniker NH.

Andrew Bock Age: 20 | Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania

VTSR: How did you meet?

Will: Jackson and I met each other in a group project the first few weeks of school and immediately started plotting about a crew and names. We made zero progress until the first day at Mt. Ellen. After a day of filming I quickly realized that there were a few established crews there already, and we were coming in as outsiders. My homie Charles introduced me to Sean and said “you should film him,” and I kind of just went along with it. Bock somehow just appeared in our squad one day and I was like “holy shit this dude is nuts.” The same goes for Sam.

VTSR: Where did the name come from?
Andrew Bock showing his backflip.

Will: I started thinking about names with the idea of being the new kids and eventually got the word “undercover.” I actually looked up synonyms of undercover and saw “foreign” and knew I needed both, so I added “boys” in between (a classic move). I sent it to everyone else and they were pretty confused until I explained it. Then they were down.

VTSR: So what’s your claim to fame?

Sam: None of us are dedicated comp skiers, but these guys just do crazy stuff and it’s a blast to be a part of it. Our videos on Newschoolers have been enjoyed by the community, which is super sick. We’ve all won some rail jams and stuff but that’s not what keeps us hyped on the sport.

Bock:  Has car. Once tried drinking a gallon of chocolate milk in an hour. (Unsuccessful)

Sean Flynn

Jackson: I started park skiing exclusively around 15 or so. Back then I couldn’t even slide a rail properly. I actually hated them. A few seasons later, rails are pretty much all I do. I guess my rail skiing is my “claim to fame” but I definitely wouldn’t call it that. I really don’t want to label what I do as anything except my passion. If anything, I just put more effort and work into my skiing that people probably don’t see. I guess that sounds like I take skiing seriously, which I do, but only in the sense that I don’t want to waste my time while I can still ski the way that I want. My back and knees have some serious problems, so I’m getting the most out of the healthiest years of my life, plus I love it more than anything I’ve ever done. I’m addicted to this shit.

Sean: What Jackson said, but no knee problems, just back.

VTSR: What do you like about the Sugarbush park?

Will: Sugarbush reminds me of my home resort in Ohio. Hop out of the car, change in the parking lot, walk straight to the park. It has a super homey feeling, and we were quickly accepted into that community. And the park is just absolutely ridiculous. Too nice.

Sam: Sugarbush has been my home mountain since I was a third grader. Every year I’ve been at ‘Bush, the parks have gotten more innovative in design and flow. The best part of sugarbush parks is how much fun you’ll have. It’s one thing when a park is good, but another when the community is hyped on everyone who’s there.

Bock:  ‘Bush knows how to keep the sauce nice and spicy. Always creative, always fun. Except that one time when they had no snow to work with, and that other time when they put the cannon rail backwards. But the setup is still better than anywhere else. Everyone at ‘Bush is a homie and the lift up the park makes the environment so dope.

Sean: Sugarbush park crew is SMART. The park, the culture, the lift. Skiing sugarbush this year has been incredible. Some of the best park skiing I have ever skied, in all aspects.

Jackson: Sugarbush is one of the greatest places I’ve ever been. The park is by far the most entertaining
rail park I have ever seen. The features are creative and change on a pretty regular basis, and the community is relaxed and laid back. Everyone is skiing because they love it, and no one has “I’m better than you so f*** off” vibe. The people at ‘Bush actually care about what they do, and it organically grows a positive community. My favorite thing about ‘Bush is the lift. I love watching people lap the park and being able to see all of it.

VTSR: Biggest park accomplishment?

Sam: I don’t think I can point to one specific thing from this season. Everyone did crazy stuff. I guess my favorite thing was watching Jackson toss his meat on some wild tricks. This season was epic. Couldn’t be more hyped on this crew and how chill all these guys are. FBU is skiing done right, big thanks to Will for slaying the shots too.

Sean: This has been a great year. I deferred from my first semester of college to drive across the country with a friend. It was an incredible experience, I was able to travel down the west coast from Portland to San Diego. I camped, surfed and worked my way down the coast for four months. Immediately following my trip I was able to come to college here in Vermont and have one of the best ski seasons of my life. Now that the ski season has ended I am planning on driving across country for the second time this year. Andrew, Jackson and I are making a trip out to Mount Hood in search of summer snow.

Bock: Backflips.